Often times, bad habits are ones developed at home.


List 1- Here are some common grocery staples (from my friend’s shopping list:

         Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream

         Pack of Jones Cream Soda

         Loaf of white bread

         Peanut butter and jelly

         Oreo cookies

         Orange juice

         Carton of full-fat milk


         Brie Cheese


What I noticed was that there were A LOT of bad foods on the list. The ice cream, soda, and oreo cookies are LOADED with SUGAR!

The white bread is made of refined grains and that is not good.

Orange juice is generally ok. Try to look for brands that don’t use so much corn syrup.

Salami and brie cheese is also ok, but don’t eat too much of it. They are loaded with fat.


Also, notice that there are NO fruit and vegetables on this list!!!!


List 2- Here is an ideal shopping list:

         Whole wheat loaf of bread

         Saltine cracker

         Block of sharp cheddar cheese

         Chicken breast or salmon

         100% apple juice

         Non-fat or soy milk

         Celery, broccoli, carrots

         Bananas and apples


You list doesn’t have to be this exact same list given.

BUT if your normal shopping list looks like list number one, try to modify it to start looking like list number 2.