CB065133All the members of the Youth Advisory Board are taking on Service Projects to implement in their communities to promote healthy living.

The three projects to choose from are:

(1) Community Garden   (2) Healthy Food Drive at Local Food Bank   (3) empowerME @school or empowerME @ life tool education to youth

Personally, I have chosen to go with the Community Garden project. The benefits of community gardens is that it can provide healthy, accessible food for many in a community; help in the movement to “go green” and conserve the environment; make people more self-sufficient; strenghten community bonds; and are an opportunity to promote awareness of environmental and health issues through education.

Currently, I am trying to implement a program through the El Dorado Elementary garden where volunteers can help plant more variety of crops, expand out the garden, provide educational lessons about environmental sustainability and healthy living, and also to teach the students how to prepare healthy and nutritious meals from the crops that they have grown.