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The teens from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation are all currently filming a monthly video series about healthy living for Channel One News.

The topics are as follows:

December- Food For Thought 1 (Grocery Shopping and Food Labels); January – Food for Thought 2 (Creative Exercise and Smart Snacks); February- How Health Conscious is Your Route to School (Advertisements); March – How Health Conscious is Your Route to School 2 (Creative Ways to Make Your Route Healthy and Fun); April and May – Your Story (Personal Story on How You Live a Healthy Life)

I am currently working on getting the December video up. However, I do have the January video.



Many kids are currently on Winter Vacation. While it is a time that you should relax, don’t make that an excuse to sleep ALL day, and to play video games/watch television non-stop.

Even though I say this a lot, it is interesting how many kids do just that, including many of my friends.

Winter break is a great time to try to change your lifestyle to a more healthier one. Go outside and walk around. Go and meet your friends someone to play instead of talking to them on the phone on online.

Watch out how many chocolates/candy canes/cupcakes/cookies that you are eating. Actually count them and limit yourself to one or two cookies a day.

At those many holiday parties, limit the amount of food that you put on your plate. Many times you won’t even end up eating everything on it. Eat a little, and if your still hungry come back and put a little bit more on your plate.

Some options are better than others: pick the turkey over the honey ham, the pumpkin pie over the pecan pie, and also eat the dishes that contain a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Go have fun in indoor facilities. You can go indoor ice skating, play basketball, or go to the gym. Now, is a good time to check some of the activities that your local YMCA or Boys and Girls Club offers.

Try to stay away from that screen: television, computer, video games. Instead, why not try some jumping jacks, push-ups, or sit-ups. It will get your blood pumping and soon you will be generating your own warmth.

Try not to eat to many snacks. The thing about winter is that often you may get so bored that eating helps keeps you occupied. Also, some people like to eat in the winter because it makes them feel warm. Instead of eating junk foods, maybe try to drink some organic apple cider or having some granola bites?

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